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An all-in-one LMS for globalising your knowledge

Learning for Everyone Everywhere

Lee, an all-in-one learning management platform, assists you in turning offline lectures into online courses. It opens up an opportunity for subject matter experts to earn by sharing knowledge with the rest of the world. The platform aims to make online lectures easier for organisations that wish to upskill their employees with valuable knowledge and skills. It helps educational organisations to promote online lectures and helps individuals to share their knowledge using the platform. Lee can create dynamic courses that extend learning for everyone, everywhere, and at their preferred time.

Adapt and grow your business manifold

Educators need to adapt to the changes in the industry, especially with regard to the use of technology, to remain competitive. Lee makes it easy to share your knowledge and to create a new revenue stream. The platform allows you to create and monetize courses, with proper control and allocation of resources. Also, the system allows for the administration, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, be they training programmes or learn-and-develop programs.


Starts with YOU


Enhance professional growth with Lee. Combine the expertise of trainers, teachers, and learning resources to maximise learning outcomes.


Share your knowledge and skills to create more learning opportunities for everyone everywhere.


Share your knowledge throughout the world and scale up your business and earning potential.

Enhance the Impact of Your Training

Get more insight into the all-in-one platform that can deliver a highly engaging user experience and make training collaborative.

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