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An all-in-one LMS that helps you stay focused on the essentials.

What is

LEE is an online Learning Management system enabling every individual and organisations of any industry to create their own dynamic courses that extend learning, anytime, anywhere to anyone. LEE is an extremely customisable core that comes with many standard features.

Who is the LEE application for?

Our Objective is to provide a platform that aligns with the expectations and requirements of the user, thus providing a personalized online training experience. This highly innovative tool helps for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, learning and development programs. This fully customized LMS will aid in creating eLearning content (lessons), organize it into courses, deliver the content and also monitor and assess learner performances.


Starts with YOU


Dashboards to monitor real-time course progress, spot trends and identify trouble spots. Innovation Starts with you


Create more learning opportunities, anywhere. LEE facilitates student engagement and the sharing of what works.


Power Training with LEE for Professional Power Training with LEE for Professional Growth, where your trainers, teachers, and resources combine to improve learning outcomes.

Enhance the Impact of Your Training

Get more insight into the all-in-one platform that can deliver a highly engaging user experience and make training collaborative.

Our Ventures.

We help build successful companies by offering practical solutions, metrics and swift digital transformation that makes it easier for Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Top Level Management to run their businesses smoothly.

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