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Keep a pulse on the vitals of your business with all the important KPIs under one roof using the CEO Analytix dashboard

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Data-Driven Insights at Your Fingertips with CEO Analytix

More and more business owners are integrating data into their decision making processes. What if you have an easy-to-use data visualization tool for your business, not just to monitor the KPIs, but also for giving you intelligent recommendations? The CEO Analytix KPI dashboards give you the ability to filter and download the right data to ensure your team is executing with maximum effectiveness. With the CEO KPI dashboard, keep track of how your team is performing week-on-week.

Get an Integrated View of All Your Business Metrics

CEO Analytix dashboards are typically designed to answer important questions which help decision-makers with necessary data to understand, monitor and improve business through visual representations.

Time Saving

Does your team spend wasted time generating regular reports? CEO Analytix can help you automate your KPI's so you can focus on decision making.

Smart Alerts on The Go

With the mobile-optimized CEO Analytix dashboards, get alerts on your mobile when something needs your attention.


Comes with interactive data visualisations to highlight the key areas and gives you the freedom to visualise your data the way you want.

Access Crucial Data at Your Fingertips!

AI Enabled

AI optimized CEO Analytix uses predictive AI to generate additional insights for your business which helps you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Real-time data at your fingertips

CEO Analytix saves you time with real-time data at your fingertips. It is mobile optimised so you can view your KPIs on your tablet and mobile.

Data Visualisation and Reporting

Generate reports with all the important key performance indicators at any time on the go.

The Industry's Most Intuitive, Integrated, and Collaborative Platform

Good data isn’t worth much if it can’t be accessed or easily understood, keep up-to-date with those important metrics with CEO Analytix mobile dashboards.

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