We help build successful companies.

We are an international brand anchored in digital innovation. We build artificial intelligence solutions to help organisations maximise value creation and optimise business management. Drawing on our experience and multiple expertise in various sectors of activity, we aim to support all your projects from A to Z. Our ultimate goal is digital innovation in all fields of activity. Our objective is to guarantee you a rapid return on investment and to become the number one technology investment for small and large companies.

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We spun out of Excelledia Consulting in 2018, We help build Successful Companies.

We are drawn to businesses of all sizes and ambitious founders who push the edge of what is possible. Our investments span the technology stack, from applications to infrastructure, and across the enterprise spectrum from developer operations to security, data platforms, and beyond with the use of emerging technologies.

The future will be shaped by advances in AI, RPA, XR, robotics, blockchain, quantum computing and deep tech. We support organizations and aspiring founders with our expertise and drive to tackle the major global issues that affect us all.

We help to design, build, launch and scale ventures across all stages and sectors. Our team of business growth advisors and data scientists work side by side with portfolio companies to solve critical problems and push the frontier of technology. Let's talk to start building your ideas to life. Excelledia Ventures backs founders who transform industries and create new ones..

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Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence, automate your business and your management process, collect and analyse your data and anticipate to outperform your competitors.


Knowledge should be for everyone everywhere, not just for few. We create platforms for enhanced learning & building thought-leadership.

Better Business

Solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, and SME’s to improve every aspect of the business. Ai-infused solutions that can capture everything in one place and can be scaled and optimized.


We embed innovation at the heart of your organisation by prototyping and testing every bright idea that comes into your collaborative space.

Analytics & Dashboarding

We develop bespoke dashboards to help companies make better data-driven decisions. Our dashboards are tailored to the individual requirements of the company.

Prototype Your Idea

Skill Building Academy helps to grow the learning of all the project stakeholders throughout the process by having the best of skill-building programmes.

Our Ventures.

We help build successful companies by offering practical solutions, metrics and swift digital transformation that makes it easier for Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Top Level Management to run their businesses smoothly.

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Technology has greatly helped us to become more efficient, thus increasing our productivity. It has also greatly helped us to save on many resources such as time and money. These are huge benefits that cannot be ignored. However, there is not only good in technological innovations, and so we would like to share this good with you.


Innovation for everyone everywhere, inspire growth and to create positive change is to help our clients to Improve businesses using innovation, support our team to grow with the organization, save time and help people to have more quality family time for everyone involved in the echo system covering all the stakeholders.


Is to help companies to embrace the new innovations and how to adapt to new ways of carrying out operations by introducing proven tools/solutions and help to build effective processes and eliminate all obstacles that hinder innovation.

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